Syrah Rosé 1750

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  • Region Valley of Samaipata
  • Producer Uvairenda
  • Year 2019
  • Grape variety: 100% Syrah
  • Alcoholic strength: 12.8% vol.
  • Bottle Sizes 0,750 litres
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The wines of 1750 are produced in Uvairenda, a boutique winery located in the Valley of Samaipata in Bolivia. Samaipata sits in the elbow of the Andes Mountains and is the frontier of winemaking in South America. The winery relies on centuries-old winemaking knowledge grounded in a respect for Pachamama—the indigenous peoples’ “Mother Earth” to capture the essence of Samaipata/Samaipatan terrain. Samaipata is a scenic two-hour drive from the booming energy of Bolivia’s largest city, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Valles Cruceños encourages people from all over the world to relax and enjoy the exquisite, centuries-old taste of high-elevation Bolivian wine. The winery is committed to the production of high-quality wines in a small quantities. They focus on crafting wines that capture our identity in respect to terroir and varietal expression. They are part of the avant-garde that aims for less wood influence in their wines. Vinos 1750 are sold in award-winning wine shops and Michelin star restaurants.

Winemaking: Ageing process: at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks.

Organoleptic Characteristics

  • Colour: Clean and shiny bright garnet color.
  • Nose and flavour: Aroma: Aromatic, with a presence of red fruit, raspberry, strawberry and rose petals. Taste: Dry, middling acidity, delicate, refreshing, flavours of red fruits and light notes of citrus.


  • Serving Temperature and Food Matching Serving temperature: 10°C.
  • Recommended with: Ideally alone, with fresh salads, white meats, fruit and/or desserts.